Month: April 2024

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  • Vision, Mission, Core Values, & Quality Policy

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  • NwSSU DevCom takes Teatro Kauswagan to Brgy. Basud

    On April 2, 2024, the Brgy. Basud, Calbayog City became the stage for a powerful display of advocacy and creativity as Teatro Kauswagan presented the Ismayling Pasundayag & DevCom Stage Play Showcase that featured Northwest Samar State University (NwSSU) 3rd Year DevCom Students’ production titled "Kabubuwason," direction and script by Rachel Gabiola.

  • First Phase of RCLG-NwSSU’s Extermal Project with Almagro Set to Commence

    On April 3, 2024, the RCLG-NwSSU external project, "Strategic ICT Evolution: Enhancing Local Government Network Connectivity and User Proficiency of the Municipality of Almagro," received its initial funding. The project is headed by Mr. Nicolas Faller.

  • NwSSU’s BSCS Program achieves AACUP Re-accreditation

    Northwest Samar State University (NwSSU) is proud to announce that its Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program .....

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  • Bids & Awards

    Invitation to Bid Repair of Engineering Building Bid Docs-Repair of Engineering Building Invitation to Bid-Engineering Building Sample Form-Bid Form for Infra Sample Form-Omnibus Sworn Statement Sample Form-Bid Securing Declaration Sample…

  • Transparency Seal

    Sec. 93. Transparency Seal. To enhance transparency and enforce accountability, all national government agencies shall maintain a transparency seal on their official websites. The transparency seal shall contain the following…