Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The program includes the study of computing concepts and theories, algorithmic foundations and new developments in computing. The program prepares students to design and create algorithmically complex software and develop new and effective algorithms for solving computing problems.

Job Roles: Software Engineer; Systems Software Developer; Research and Development; Computing Professional; Applications Software Developer; and Computer Programmer.

Bachelor of Science in Entertainment & Multimedia Computing

The program prepares students to be digital animation professionals who are equipped with both creative and technical knowledge, skills, and values in conceptualizing, designing and producing animation products and solutions, and in managing such projects over different technology platforms.

Job Roles: Creative Programmer; Technical Animator; Creative Content Developer; Ad Builders; Technical Director for Modelling/rigging/Lighting; Animation Quality Assurance Specialist; Technical Director for Game Art; Digital 2D or 3D Animation Content Provider; Digital 2D or 3D Animation Designer; and Associate Business Development Specialist for Entertainment and Multimedia Industries.

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

The program includes the study of the application and effect of information technology on organizations. Graduates of the program should be able to implement an information system, which considers complex technological and organizational factors affecting it.

Job Roles: Organizational Process Analyst; Data Analyst; Solution Specialist; Systems Analyst; and IS Project Management Personnel.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The program equips graduates with knowledge and skills in both hardware and software technologies that are geared toward planning, development, and maintenance of computing solutions that address an organization’s needs.

Job Roles: Web and Application Developer; Junior Database Administrator; Systems Administrator; Network Engineer; Junior Information Security Administrator; System Integration Personnel; IT Audit Assistant; Technical Support Specialist; QA Specialist; System Analyst; and Computer Programmer.