Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology (BSFT)

The BS Food Technology program focuses on a mix of pure and applied science, engineering, business and entrepreneurial skills. It aims to produce professionals who have the capacity to apply the science and technology and related fields of study in post-harvest handling, preparation, processing, packaging, storage, distribution and marketing of food to ensure food and nutrition security, safety, quality and environmental sustainability.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial TechnoloGY (BSIT)

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) is a four year degree program designed to equip students with the principles and methods of shop training and technology works. It provides students with knowledge in the manufacturing process, mechanical and electronic systems, production and operations management, and manufacturing facility planning and design. 

The program has four (4) areas of specialization namely: Electrical Technology, Mechanical Technology, Electronics Technology and Automotive Technology.

Bachelor of Agricultural Technology (BAT)

Bachelor of Agricultural Technology is a four-year ladderized degree program that focuses entirely on plant and animal technology. The program provides fundamental understanding of agricultural processes and teaches students the practical and theoretical knowledge in Animal Production, Crop Production, Landscaping, Food Processing, and Fisheries.