Environmental Policy

            The Mission of Northwest Samar State University is to lead in providing highly technical and professional education and lifelong learning in the trade, fishery, agriculture, science, education, commerce, engineering, forestry, nautical, and other emerging programs in the digital age and it shall generate cutting-edge technology and undertake sustainable community development in accordance with the university mandates, thrusts, and directions is the university’s mission. Therefore, NwSSU has been committed to the conservation of the environment through the implementation of various agricultural programs since its establishment. These programs give students the tools and know-how to help conserve the environment.

           As an institution producing thousands of professionals, NwSSU have a responsibility to care for the environment, aside from sustainable agriculture, raising eco-friendly facilities are the key part of that. It strives to implement practices that reduce waste, conserve resources and have minimal environmental impact. NwSSU believes this is the best way to ensure a healthy future for generations to come.