Energy Efficiency

Together with our efforts to reduce our use of electricity, we are moving toward cleaner energy.

Energy-saving methods

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs has established a campaign approved by the University President to reduce electricity consumption. This includes prohibiting the use of any non-official electrical equipment or appliances, scheduling appropriate air-conditioning usage, an turning off and unplugging all devices when not in use. By taking these simple steps, we can reduce our electricity consumption and help protect our environment.

Creating Greener Structures

The Infrastructure Development Office of the NwSSU has implemented plans and design to incorporate cost-cutting measures within the university. To achieve this, they have implemented the use of LED lighting in place of traditional light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, as LED consumes substantially less energy with the same lumens output. Inclusion of a glass façade or curtain walls into the building design to lessen electricity and make use of the incoming natural light. In addition, roofs are design to be installed with solar panels, while street lights are solar powered too. These strategies result in instant savings on energy and lighting costs, while also helping to reduce the university's carbon footprint.

Source: Office Memorandum No. 1. S.2017 & Office Memorandum No. 01, Series of 2023