Conserving Water

NwSSU is committed to its sustainability efforts even being located at the heart of the city. With a planned transition from sourcing water from a water supply company to utilizing alternative sources. This move will reduce the university's reliance on an outsource provider, resulting in cost-savings and an environmentally friendly campus.


Ways to Save Water

An approved administrative directive to be implemented on campus to help the university is to ensure that faucets are properly turned-off before leaving the office. In addition, newly built facilities and proposed plans and designs for new infrastructure projects are associated with the provision of under-tank (cistern) for rainwater collection, utilization of accessible deep well water source, and high quality plumbing fixtures to withstand prolonged use breaking and leaking. And to upgrade the existing water layout for water closet and plants watering it is connected to natural rainwater source.

Source: Office Memorandum No. 01. S.2017 & Office Memorandum No. 01, Series of 2023