Waste Management

Reduce and Recycle

The university has implemented a system to be executed to ensure that proper disposal of waste generated by the institution.

Waste are segregated at the office level, which is then collected by our waste management personnel for proper disposal. With the coordination to the CSWMO, the university which is a one the huge contributor of waste has vowed to help the LGU in managing the waste produced by the university thus, non-biodegradable or residual waste are scheduled for dumping at city landfill by our personnel through a signed permission to disposed and trip slip. While recyclables and biodegradable wastes are disposed to the university’s MRF and Landfill respectively. All repair and maintenance tasks, such as landscaping, keeping the roads and grounds clean, and rubbish collection, are assisted in planning, implementation, and monitoring by our division of janitorial, landscape, and waste management.

Plastic bottles from designated baskets on campus are collected and sent to city establishments that handle PET bottle processing, as part of a waste management system. This encourages sustainable practices and proper disposal techniques, decreasing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills or the environment. By implementing this system, the campus is taking an active role in promoting a greener future, while also reducing the negative impact of plastic waste on the planet.

References: Quality Procedure Manual SDO-QP-02-Waste-Management