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Coordinator, Alumni Affairs


All NwSSU alumni can now enjoy perks and discounts from the University Hotel and Restaurant (UHR) after the loyalty membership program “THE GOLD ALUMNI” was launched Wednesday June 28.

This program is a partnership between NwSSU Alumni Association and NwSSU University Hotel. This means that graduates of NwSSU, TTMVS, and TTMIST can now avail of the Gold Membership in the UHR.

UHR General Manager Almira Calbes elaborated in an interview the advantages and purpose of signing up for a gold membership in the hotel.

Calbes said that gold members are entitled for a 15% discount in hotel rooms away from the 10% standard discounts of students and alumni.

Further, exclusive discounts are given to members when dining in the hotel restaurant and hosting events. Two room vouchers and a membership card are also granted to those who would sign up for the loyalty card.

Moreover, the manager clarified that the program is only exclusive for alumni of the university and for now has only limited slots to sustain the hotel operations.

Report and Photos by Marylou Ortillo