Environmental Conservation and Sustainabality Plan

The university's vision is to be a premier technological institution in the region providing transformative education where graduates are globally competitive, innovative, and responsive to the demands of a changing world. NwSSU shall, as its mission, lead in providing highly technical and professional education and lifelong learning in the trade, fishery, agriculture, science, education, commerce, engineering, forestry, nautical, and other emerging programs in the digital age. It shall generate cutting-edge technology and undertake sustainable community development in accordance with the university mandates, thrusts, and directions.

Environmental conservation and sustainability plan is one of the key elements in achieving the development goals of the university. The plan identifies the priority areas, goals, and strategies towards a sustainable eco-friendly university.

The NwSSU students, faculty, and non-teaching personnel are actively engaged with the environmental programs and activities. The university recognizes strong partnerships and linkages with the local government units (LGUs), government agencies, civil society organizations (CSOs), and non-government organizations (NGOs) that contribute to solving local environmental issues towards global environmental challenges through research, extension, and with good leadership and best practices of the administration.

The university is committed to constantly improving its programs and activities on the environmental challenges and developments in achieving the priority areas and goals of the environmental developments of the organization through environmental awareness and campaigns to contribute to reaching a sustainable environment.

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