Sports and Physical Fitness Development Office

The SPFDO is responsible for developing and implementing the comprehensive sports development program of the University. Its role would involve providing a well-balanced and scientific sports training program, improving sports facilities and equipment, and harnessing local talents to excel in their sports fields.


The general objective of the program is to develop a comprehensive sports program for all; Its specific objectives are:

  1. To provide a well-balanced and scientific sports training program using modern training techniques to improve the physical fitness and sports skills of students and other members of the academe;
  2. To improve both indigenous and modern sports facilities and equipment to uplift the capability of the University in athletics; and
  3. To inculcate good values among the studentry and members of the academe through:
  • character development
  • discipline
  • leadership
  • sportsmanship, and
  • camaraderie and the like

Sports Program Thrusts

  1. Provide opportunities for skills development;
  2. Develop values formation, e.g. sportsmanship and camaraderie;
  3. Produce an athletic pool for various higher sports competitions; and
  4. Provide sports facilities.