Citizen’s Charter

In compliance with the Republic Act No. 9485 otherwise known as the “Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007”, the NwSSU crafted its Citizen’s Charter to guide its clienteles on how to avail to the key frontline services offered by the university.

The NwSSU Citizen’s Charter outlines the requirements, schedules, fees, procedures and the person involved in availing to key frontline services with the intent of improving efficiency in the delivery of services, eliminate bureaucratic red tape and promote client satisfaction.

Citizens-Charter - 2023-2024

Certificate of Compliance (CoC) 2023-2024
Citizen's Charter Handbook 2020-2024
Certificate of Compliance (CoC) 2020
Citizen's Charter Handbook 2020
Certificate of Compliance (CoC) 2019
Citizen's Charter Handbook 2019

Offices and their Frontline Services

Cashier's Office
Guidance Office
Medical and Dental Office
Registrar's Office
Student Affairs and Services Office
University Library