Civil Society Organizations Consultative Assembly Transpires

Representatives from teaching, non-teaching, students, alumni, and private and government sectors attended the consultative assembly conducted by the University through the Planning Office at the Business Development Center.

Pursuant to the National Budget Memorandum No. 145 issued by the Department of Budget and Management, the University’s Civil Society Organization Consultation aims to solicit comments and recommendations on the proposed projects and budget in preparation for the Fiscal Year 2024 and to ink a Budget Partnership Agreement (BPA) between the University and the stakeholders.

Among the attendees were representatives from the Department of Agriculture- Calbayog City Office, 1st District Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways, SAMELCO I, and the Schools Division of Calbayog City.

Signatories of the BPA agreed to work in close partnership with each other in pursuit of common objectives- (1) to make the budget more responsive to the institution’s vision and mission particularly in enhancing the efficiency of the budget process through citizen participation, more significantly (2) to address the pressing concerns in higher education and (3) to complement and reinforce each other’s efforts in the evaluation and assessment of proposed and ongoing projects.