Day 2 of the Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators (PAFTE) Inc. Region Teachers’ Convention at Fontana Hall, Tacloban City, Leyte.

NwSSU delegates include Drs. Myra L. Pilpa, Ana Gretchen D. Tobe, Eliza V. Gamusa, and Richard N. Verdeflor.

During the session, Mr. Nelson B. Mora, Jr., a seasoned licensed financial advisor and certified wealth coach, shared valuable insights on financial literacy. Mora's expertise provided the participants with the importance of financial wellness, covering topics like protecting income, preparing for unexpected events, and future planning. Mora highlighted the need for insurance and building emergency funds. He shared his personal success story to inspire participants, emphasizing that financial literacy is achievable for anyone willing to learn and apply its principles.

Further, Dr. Felisa E. Gomba, the second speaker and VP for Academic Affairs at Samar State University, discussed Marrying Research and Extension in the Academe. She began by asking the participants to distinguish the difference between importance and significance. Dr. Gomba highlighted the importance of aligning the goals and objectives of research and extension, emphasizing that both should work together to solve practical problems and advance knowledge. She also discussed that in basic education, undergraduates explore innovation, while higher education delves into advanced studies. The benefits of this integration include effective knowledge transfer and sustainable development. Dr. Gomba thus stressed that combining research and extension is essential for societal progress, addressing challenges, fostering innovation, and improving communities worldwide.

The PAFTE is chaired by DR. LAURA B. BOLLER the SSU College of Education Dean.

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