Ultra Presents Research at Conference in Thailand

Wendell L. Ultra, a faculty member of the BS Agriculture program of NwSSU's College of Agriculture and Technology, presented a research paper during the 2nd International Conference for Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) with the theme "Advancing Partnership in Climate Action for Sustainable Development in the ASEAN Region" at the Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, on May 29–June 2, 2023.

Ultra’s study, "Valorized Agricultural Wastes as Soil Amendments to Reduce Heavy Metal Accumulation in Rice," highlights the importance of utilizing and recycling locally available agricultural wastes as a means to reduce the accumulation of heavy metals in crops that is rapidly accelerated by the effects of climate change. The said research is supported by DOST-PCAARRD and, together with the technical expertise of Balik-Scientist Fellow, Dr. Venecio U. Ultra Jr.

The participation of the institution in the said conference also aims to create linkages and partnerships with other SUCs for possible collaboration on research projects in the future.